How many idlis have you eaten, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]?

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Hi Reader,

It's been a while since I wrote to you...

But tonight seemed like a good reason to write this email. Because I have a story to share with you.

A story within a story, if you will:

2nd June.

This was a very strange morning.

I woke up just a few minutes before my 5:30 AM alarm (nothing unusual there),

But what was unusual was that... I woke up with a sudden, deep understanding of the meaning behind a bedtime story I’d read when I was probably 6 years old.

I hadn't thought of this story in ages. In fact, I never even cared for the story back when I'd read it.

But that morning?

The entire story and its lesson became crystal clear in my mind within a fraction of a second:

Once upon a time, there was a boy.
He had been walking around all day and was really hungry.
He came across an idli stand and decided to buy 8 idlis.
He sat under a tree and started eating the idlis.
As soon as he finished the 5th idli, he started crying.
The passersby were worried,
And went up to the boy and asked him why he was crying:

“I'd bought 8 idlis. As soon as I ate the 5th idli, I felt full.”
Everyone was confused…
The sobbing boy continued,
“If only I had eaten the FIFTH idli first, I would have already been full and saved 7 idlis for the evening. But now I only have 3 idlis left…”

As a kid I found this story to be so silly. I never understood why it was even approved for publishing in that storybook.

But now it makes sense:

Often times when we do something or achieve something, we think,

“If only I had done THIS sooner, before I had taken all those other failing steps, I would have been further along…”

  • If only I had quit my job sooner
  • If only I had dropped out of college earlier
  • If only I had started going to the gym a few years back
  • If only I had started my online business at 12 instead of 25...

But the thing is,

There’s a certain flow to things in life.

And you HAD TO go through that flow to get to where you are now. (And to get to where you eventually want to be.)

So rather than regretting how much time it took you to get somewhere,

And wishing you had eaten that “fifth idli” first,

Understand that you would never have felt full without having eaten the first 4 idlis.

You wouldn’t have reached here without first making those mistakes and experiencing those previous challenges and failures.

So don’t try to start with “idli #5”… it doesn’t exist.

Can you imagine waking up with ALL OF THIS in your head on a random Friday morning?! Told you it was strange!

But it also turned out to be the right time to have been reminded of this lesson...

Hoping you find this at just the 'right' time too :)

See you again soon,


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