#4: My Twitter Content Strategy [Process + Resources Revealed]

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Update: Just finished writing this email and I can't believe you are getting this for FREE.

Hi, it's me, Shreya.

Last Sunday, I told you about my plan to create 200+ content pieces in June.

And over the last week, I've spent a couple of hours working on a large chunk of these, in the form of Tweets.

Quick note: I changed my content strategy a bit and am now going in for 6 tweets a day, which = 180 tweets a month.

So far, I have 120 tweets ready. I'll write the remaining 60 tonight, in about 90 minutes.

How, you ask?

Well that's what today's email is about.

In this email, I'm revealing my step-by-step strategy for creating and scheduling a month's worth of tweets in less than 8 hours.

#1. The Plan

Target audience: Freelancers (Beginner - Intermediate level)

Frequency: 6 tweets per day (You can start with 2-3 a day - Don't overwhelm yourself with 6)

Themes of tweets:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Writing
  3. Social Media/ Content Creation
  4. Generic/ Platitudes
  5. Promotional
  6. Question

Purpose of each theme:

  1. Freelancing - Build an audience of freelancers
  2. Writing - Build an audience of content writers/ copywriters
  3. Social Media/ Content Creation - Build an audience of freelancers
  4. Generic/ Platitudes - Boost reach
  5. Promotional - Boost sign-ups/ sales
  6. Question - Boost engagement

#2. The Tools

1. Airtable

I've created my content calendar on Airtable. You can use an excel sheet too. But I prefer Airtable because of its visual appeal + its field types like checklists, single select etc.

Plus Airtable is free to use - You can join using my referral link by clicking here. You can also get access to my Content Calendar Template by clicking here.

2. Hypefury

I use Hypefury for scheduling my tweets. You can do it manually if you like, although Hypefury has many more features that make it worth the investment.

For eg: I have organised my twitter themes using Hypefury's "Recurrent Posts" feature (a part of it is seen in the image below), and copy-pasted my Tweets from Airtable into these specific fields.

You can write tweets directly on Hypefury too, but I prefer Airtable 'coz it's faster to just hit "tab" to move to a new cell and keep writing tweets.

You can sign up to Hypefury using my affiliate link here. [If you are based in India, you'll see a 50% discount code before checkout. Use it!]

3. The Inspiration

1. Tweets by my favourite creators

This is my go-to for writing tweets. I look up the handle of my favourite creators and then add this rule to see their high-performing tweets: min_faves:500 (For eg. searching "@shreyapattar min_faves:100" will show you all my tweets that have received more than 100 likes.)

With this method though, the fear of plagiarism pops up. Don't worry, the hacks to avoid plagiarism are to first, obviously, not copy-paste someone else's content. And two, to refer to tweets of creators not in your niche. My go-to creators are fitness coaches; I emulate the style and word choice of their high-performing tweets for my content.
2. Questions in my Instagram Q&A

I refer to my weekly Instagram Q&As and look for questions related to the theme I'm currently working on. Often, one question inspires more questions and helps create multiple tweet ideas.
3. My posts from other platforms

My Instagram captions are long and informative. I turn the listicle captions into bullet-point-based tweets, and turn any explanations into a tweet in itself. If an Instagram caption is exceptionally well-written, I repurpose the full thing as a thread.
4. Sales page copy of my ebooks

My sales pages cover the pain points of my target audience in detail. I refer to those for coming up with tweets, specifically promotional tweets.

4. The Process

Now that you know the plan, the tools and the inspiration, here's how they all come together:

Step 1: I create my overall Twitter plan in as much detail as possible - audience type, frequency of tweets, tweet types
Step 2: I set up my Airtable content calendar and my HypeFury Recurring Posts calendar.
Step 3: I pick 1 theme and spend as much time as needed to create all 30-35 tweets for that theme in one go. Currently, it takes me about 60-75 minutes to create 30-40 tweets - including using the inspiration I have shared above.

I write these tweets 1-2 themes at a time. I'll have spent roughly 6 hours over a span of 3-4 days in creating and scheduling the 180 tweets.
Note: I am not considering Threads here. I'll be writing those from scratch on a weekly basis.
Step 4: I edit and proofread the tweets on Airtable. I then schedule them to the Recurring Posts section on Hypefury.

Phew! That's it!

That's my entire Tweet Creation Process - Revealed.

I have done my best to keep this email as short as possible. Don't be deceived by it's fairly short length though - You have now learnt an excellent, immediately actionable content strategy that will make you a lot of money soon.

In fact, if you don't have any Sunday evening plans, you could probably create a month's Twitter strategy before you go to bed 👀

Here are the links again to the tools you'll need:

  1. Airtable
  2. My Airtable Content Calendar Template
  3. HypeFury (If you're based in India, you'll see a code for a 50% discount)

See you next Sunday,


P.S. As always, would love to hear your thoughts on this email. Just hit reply 😊

P.P.S Already been a month since I started this newsletter! Can't believe how much confidence I've gained here in just 4 emails. Thank you for being a part of this 💙️

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